The highest Google Reviews for property management in Memphis.

High Reviews

Our experience was stellar for sure. Alexis is a gem to her company and we cannot thank her enough as well as Meridian. Our experience was awesome, communication throughout, at move in we had a maintenance issue that was addressed immediately as well as follow through and again with great communication! We look forward to a very long stay here and thanks again to Alexis!
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darling flowers Avatar
darling flowers
Fortino was really efficient in his work, got the job done and was extremely nice. He cut right to the chase and was in and out within 10 minutes.
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josh barber Avatar
josh barber
FORTINO was absolutely the best. Fixed all our issues within very little time and had Great customer service! fast efficient and friendly
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Benjamin Furman

What’s a good Google Review score for a property management company?

We are very proud to be among the highest rated property management companies in Memphis with a Google Review score of 4-stars. In fact, the average Google Review score for a property management company in Memphis is just 2-stars.

Why do property management companies get bad reviews online?

A nationwide survey of nearly 3000 reviews of property management companies showed that property managers receive 30% lower ratings compared to all other industries. Why is there such a significant drop in scores for property managers?


The overwhelming majority of online reviews for property management companies are written by tenants. Very often the reviews are focused on lost security deposits and other financial responsibilities a tenant has to the property.


Remember, a property manager has two different types of customers, tenants and homeowners. We try our best to take care of our tenants (and our 4-stars shows we are succeeding!) and we also have a fiduciary responsibility to our homeowners. It is our job to protect a homeowners investment. We must maintain the home with care, and also make smart financial decisions so that the property continues to be a good investment for the homeowner.


Tenants will write negative reviews because they did not get the full security deposit back and applicants will post a one- star rating because their applications were denied. If we always did what the tenants wanted we would have higher scores, but it would not be a responsible way to manage a property and it would come at the expense of the homeowner.

How did Meridian score 4-stars on Google Reviews?

We are very proud of our 4-star Google Review because it is TWICE the score of other property management companies in Memphis. How did we do it?


Our approach is to provide great customer service to our tenants and take care of all maintenance in a timely fashion. We also hold our tenants responsible for any damage done to the property and will strictly enforce our rental agreements. We offer exceptional communication and a friendly staff that is always available to help and answer questions.


But the secret is that our high score started well before the tenant moved it. We have a very strict screening process (hence some of the bad reviews) because we want to find the best tenants. We only accept about 50% of applicants, which is far fewer than other property management companies struggling to fill vacancies.


Once we find a great tenant, we go over the rental agreement in detail. We explain exactly what maintenance services are covered by the homeowner, and what we expect from our tenants. We make sure that all parties fully understand the costs and responsibility before they move in, which sets up everyone for success.

Impressive Stats

Meridian Property Management

4-Stars on Google

99% Collection Rate

  • Collected

  • Uncollected

18 Month Avg. Lease

50% Tenant Application Rejected

  • Accepted

  • Rejected

Other Management Companies

2-Stars on Google

95% Collection Rate

  • Collected

  • Uncollected

12 Month Avg. Lease

20% Tenant Application Rejected

  • Accepted

  • Rejected

“MPM has really gained my complete confidence.”

“I have been doing business with Meridian Pacific Properties and Meridian Property Management since late 2012. I was impressed with their professionalism and transparency from the beginning. After going through more than a few incidents (that were certainly part of the expected risk profile of rental property investments) MPM has really gained my complete confidence. The portfolio that they assisted me in creating has, and continues, to perform well. My annual net cash return on invested capital is about 7.6%, and I consider that satisfactory. I have also seen about 30% in gross portfolio appreciation over the period. When eventual problems do arise, the appropriate individuals will get involved, right up to their founders and principals if required. I can recommend both MPP and MPM for your property investment and management needs.”

Jack Stark (Rental Property Investor since 2012) gave Meridian 5 Stars on Google

“Renting from Meridian is a no brainer.”

“Renting from meridian is a no brainer.The staff is smart and quick to assist in many aspects and genuinely care if you are happy while renting from them. Would recommend them to anyone renting in the area looking for a great company to rent from.”
Aaron K. gave Meridian 5 Stars on Google

“I absolutely love this company.”

“I absolutely love this company. My entire application process was smooth and hassle free. My new home is renovated and beautiful! I would highly recommend this company.”
Janet O. gave Meridian 5 Stars on Google

“Everyone at MPM is awesome!”

“Everyone at MPM is awesome! Always so nice, friendly and pleasant! Russ Hensley was also so nice and helpful! And very professional! He made our experience that much better! I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else! Overall, I couldn’t be happier!”
Devon B. gave Meridian 5 Stars on Google